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Impact Statements and Court Proceedings
Your Honor,

My name is Kim Lasater and I am the mother of Kaylin Marie Mathews. I am here today to tell you how Kaylin’s death has affected my life. I believe that you need to know a little bit about who Kaylin was in order to understand my loss. Kaylin was amazing. She was always smiling, singing, and laughing.  I used to say that if God had given me an order form before she was born, I still would have ordered her. Kaylin loved people from a young age. Her friends were ALWAYS important to her. When she was 3 years old she had to be separated from her best friend in pre school because her friend was having difficulty writing her long name so Kaylin would do it for her.  Even as young as 3 she tried to help her friends.  Something Weston hadn’t learned at 19. In elementary school her teacher made her a peer teacher because she would finish her work so quickly and it was always correct.  Her teacher told me that the kids learned more from Kaylin sometimes, because she could explain it in a way they understood. She was an only child and grandchild for 7 ½ years and then she got 3 cousins and a brother all at once.  She never complained or showed signs of jealousy.  She loved them so much all her life and was always doing things with them.  They all looked up to her and miss her dearly. As a teen things got harder for our family and for Kaylin. She was diagnosed with bi polar at 14 and it was a disease that I didn’t want to accept.  It soon became apparent that she did indeed suffer from it.  Sometimes she and I did not get along during those tough years, but make no mistake about it, I LOVED MY DAUGHTER dearly through it all.  Even during these times we still had more good times then bad. Some of the most fun times of my life were with my daughter.  Kaylin was a little “mother hen” at times. She cared about those she loved and she loved her family and friends.  She was a talented musician and writer.  She was always for the underdog and not afraid to stand up for them.  She was fearless and courageous.  She was human and she made mistakes.  None of which she deserved to die for.
Now, how has Kaylin’s death affected me?  How has it not?  I had to hear that my daughter was dead on the 11:00 o’clock  news.  I had to wait for hours for detectives to come and confirm it was her and I was not allowed to see her.  For 8 days I couldn’t see my daughter.  How could I accept something so horrible and not be allowed to see my child and hold her one last time?  I wanted to die.  To be clear so it is not misunderstood by anyone here, I did not want to commit suicide, but to just close my eyes and never open them again.  I didn’t sleep for days because I kept trying to figure out why?  Why would someone who had the opportunity, not help their friend?  Why would someone throw MY baby away like she meant nothing?  She DID mean something.  She was my world.  My children ARE my life.  I felt like my heart had been ripped from me and most days I still do.  When my baby was buried, I stayed until the very end knowing, but not fully comprehending how it could be possible to never see her again.  I struggle a lot now.  I have anxiety that I didn’t before.  It took almost a year before I could even buy groceries again.  I left a lot of baskets half way through because I would see something that Kaylin liked and I could feel the tears coming and would leave. Most recently this Easter.  I found myself standing in the grocery store holding a box of peeps staring and trying not to cry.  Kaylin loved peeps for Easter. She loved holidays period.  It wouldn’t matter what was going on in our lives she was home for the holidays.  Even at 20 she had a child like excitement over them.  Now I find them something to endure rather then enjoy.  I continue them for her brother, but I think we are all glad when they are over. Kaylin was very excited and looking forward to the Fourth of July 2008.  She was going to be djing her first big show.  She was so excited that she had asked her dad to come see her.  She played a cd she had made for me and she was good.  Instead, July 4, 2008, Kaylin was having an autopsy done. A day she was looking forward to so much and instead she was lying on a table in the morgue  being cut open while Weston was still free to enjoy time with his family and friends.  Kaylin had a puppy.  That puppy went with her every where.  She was Kaylin’s baby. She is the dog that the people who did care and did try to help Kaylin saw so frantically trying to wake her up.   Weston took her puppy and discarded her in another town.  We were able to recover her and she lives with us now.  I miss my daughter every day.  I wear a mask every day.  Most times what you see is not what I am anymore.  I have learned to smile and laugh and go on and it drains me.  I am exhausted every day of my life because I feel empty inside.  A part of my heart is missing forever now and it didn’t have to happen. I cannot understand how one human being can see someone in trouble and not care.  I understand CA laws don’t require him to help her and I don’t understand that either, but three people, 3 strangers were more then willing to take it upon themselves to help her and at a moment when Kaylin could not physically respond for herself Weston made a choice and he decided that she would not be helped.  In my eyes that will always be the moment that Weston McCahon became a murderer. Why hide from police if you had done nothing wrong?  Why take my child and throw her away?  I have seen his face book, and the statement that he loved her.  How insulting.  If that is how he would treat someone that he loves, I pity anyone he loves in the future. A future he will still have.  A future he robbed Kaylin of.  I will never see Kaylin married.  I will never hold her children.  I will never see her grow older and I will never have that relationship that comes with maturity. My last conversations with Kaylin were discussing her going back to school.  We talked about her wanting to become a psychiatric nurse because one had been so good to her and she wanted to help others.  We talked about her continuing her music and not giving up on something she loved so much. Hardly the things someone would say if she planned on committing suicide.  You don’t plan for a future that you do not plan to be part of.  I miss hearing her walk into my house and asking if anyone had called for her.  I miss hearing her voice.  I miss hearing her laughter. I MISS HER.  I would like to ask that Weston be sentenced to the maximum allowed by law with no credit for time served.  I don’t know if you can do anything about the fact that he threw my child away like she was trash but if you can please take it into consideration. Weston will still have a long life after he is released.  He will spend holidays with his family.  They will see him and hear his voice.  His mother will be able to hug him.  I can never hug my daughter again. He will be able to sit with them and have conversations and laugh with his family. I talk to a grave and get no response. There will be more time to have pictures with him. (Holding up picture of Kaylin in her casket) This is the last picture I will ever have of Kaylin and it is a picture no parent should ever have.  I would like to remind you that Weston has shown no remorse, and we have been told that he has said that he has done NOTHING wrong. Please, I beg you keep that in mind when you sentence him.  That scares me that he has no conscience about his part in this. It is my belief that had his friend not called the police that I would not know where my child is to this day.  He had no regard for Kaylin or her family when he prevented her from being helped and when he threw her away.  He cared only about himself.  When 3 strangers who were outside of the car can see she is in distress and needs help how could he not?  Why would he be afraid to get her help?  Only a guilty conscience would have prevented him helping her.  What did he have to fear if he had done nothing wrong?  I understand that you have to take things like his previous record in to consideration.  I would like to point out that Kaylin did not have a previous record either.  She will not get to come home in four years or less.  There are two fire stations in close proximity to where this all happened.  He could have taken her to either of them for help, but instead he had a friend watch for police as he ran like the coward he has shown himself to be. Kaylin did not die in an ambulance or en route to a hospital.  She did not die AT a hospital.  Kaylin died alone in a ravine because a selfish coward cared only about himself.  He had the opportunity to be the hero or the villain in this situation and he chose to be the villain. Please sentence this remorseless villain to the maximum time allowed with no credit for time served.

Thank you.
Jared April 18, 2010
Impact Statement for my sister
Almost two years ago my sister died because a monster wouldn’t let people help her. That monster has inflicted a lifetime of pain upon my family and me. No longer will we see her again, her life taken way to soon. An empty seat at the dinner table a piece of our hearts gone. No more memories I can share with her no more laughs together. I can’t see her or hear her anymore. She will never have a family of her own a husband, children, grandchildren. And my children will have one less aunt. A black hole is in our hearts a puzzle piece missing I’ve grieved so much but no matter it doesn’t bring her back. My mom and dad have always been overprotective but after the death of Kaylin it is harder for them to let me go places. When I found out about my sister I was shocked. And then, the real news sickened me that someone who was supposed to be her “friend” would do something so inhumane to just leave her body like it was garbage. Many of you might be a little misunderstood of my sister you might think she was bad. But the truth is she was a great person. My sister and I were always close. Late night of board games with the family and watching movies were some of the things we did together. On holidays we had many fun traditions. Now on Christmas eve decorating the tree has become a lonely task. Now there is one thing we can do and that is to fight for justice. Its what my sister would have wanted and its what we must do. For it is now our responsibility to have this monster serve his time for kaylin will never serve another time on this world again. With all respect I ask you your honor for Weston to be sentenced to the maximum allowed by law with no credit for time spent. My sister was a real person someone with feeling and a family that loved her and that she loved back. And one day Weston will be let out but kaylin will never be let out, and it’s just because of a monster.

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