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Written by Kaylin
This page is dedicated to the poems and prose that Kaylin wrote. She was a talented writer and we would like to share her talent here. If you have a poem that she wrote and that you think should be added please let me know. As we go through her things and find more of her writing we will add it here.
bethany bashor June 16, 2009
kaylin loved butterflies i wish i could have spent more time with her she was a good person she used to call me her bethyboo i am kaylin's cousin my name is bethany bashor and i used to call kaylin kayke her and jared were always like my brother and sister she used to spend time at my house when i was young she was a very funny person with a good personality and she loved god so much she would go and sing at my grandpa's church when she was little me and my family miss her terribly we wish we could still see you i miss you kayke.

     bethany bashor kaylin's cousin
By: Kaylin March 17, 2009
A Tear
A Tear

Sad water raining
A deep, stained path
it travels...
Down my cheek it falls
Etching it's trail into
my skin...
A Tear.

By Kaylin Marie Mathews

I found this poem as I was looking through some of her things.
By: Kaylin Mathews March 17, 2009
Crystal Box

Locked inside a crystal box,
I hide my dreams and fears.
It's filled with pictures,
crumpled notes,
Sealed closed with blood and tears.

Locked inside a crystal box
hidden, cobwebbed in deceit.
A tangled web of lies and pain,
Daydreams of my defeat.

Locked inside my crystal box,
My heart is melted wax.
I'll bolt its lock and hide the key,
My crystal box of past.

By:  Kaylin Marie Mathews

By: Kaylin March 17, 2009

I asked the winter
why it was so cold
so ancient so white
so bitter and old--

In whispering winds
it sent an answer to me
a vision of presents
under a Christmas tree --

Children playing
in a blanket of snow
snowmen and igloos
cups of warm cocoa --

I asked the winter
why it was so cold
so ancient and white
so bitter and old --

In whispering winds
it answered me
"That's what winter
is supposed to be."

by"  Kaylin Marie Mathews

printed in her schools MoonDance.


By: Kaylin Mathews March 17, 2009

Back to the place of my birth
My whole self reinvented.
A metamorphosis into something
dark, yet beautiful.
A place that haunts my every thought.
A torture chamber for my already worn out soul.
Eyes filled to the brink,
are too proud to let go,
and as I emerge, a new and
changed individual,
I realize how far I've come.
They can't take me back
without a fight.

by:  Kaylin Marie Mathews

By: Kaylin Mathews March 17, 2009

A hidden secret

beneath my wings

a satin song

the wind seems to sing

And I just met
myself today
free and selfless
in every way

by:  Kaylin Marie Mathews

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