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Poems in memory of Kaylin

This page is dedicated to poems and prose about and for Kaylin.



Mama November 26, 2010
An Empty Chair

Today it is Thanksgiving.

A time for us to share

All the things we are thankful for,

But I see an empty chair.

There are so many things,

That I am thankful for,

But I can't help missing you.

I want you to walk through the door.

Small talk around the table.

Heads bowed down for grace.

Oh, how I long once more

Just to see your face.

We speak of all our blessings,

But one is no longer there.

Instead there is a setting,

In front of an empty chair.

~Kim Lasater 11/25/2010~

In memory of my precious KayBear. 1-4-3

Mama February 14, 2010
This Valentine's Day
image The roses are so beautiful
Sitting in their vase.
It breaks my heart so much to know
They are placed upon your grave.

Your card is filled out,
With a note from me.
It breaks my heart so much to know
It's not one you'll read.

Your Valentine gift is placed
Upon your stone.
It breaks my heart so much to know,
That you aren't coming home.

~Kim Lasater 02/14/2010.

I miss you Kaylin.  I miss you so much.  I love you always.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.  1-4-3 Kay Bear.
Mama February 14, 2010
Borrowed from Alan Pederson
A Dozen Roses
By Alan Pedersen

If I had a dozen roses, I know just what I’d do
I’d give each one a name that reminded me of you
The first rose I’d call sunshine, because you brighten everyday
The second would be beauty, the kind that never goes away
The third rose would be priceless, like those hugs you gave to me
I’d name the fourth rose silly, oh how funny you could be
Rose five of course is patience, something you have helped me find
The sixth rose would be memories, the gift you left behind
The seventh and the eighth rose would for sure be faith and grace
Nine would be unique because no one can take your place
The tenth rose well that’s easy, I’d simply name it love
Eleven would be angel, I know you’re watching from above
I’d think about that twelfth rose, and I’d really take my time
After all these roses are for you my Valentine
I’m sending them to heaven in every color that I know
So twelve I’ll name forever, that’s how long I’ll love you so
Mama November 27, 2009

When I think of all the things that I am thankful for,
You top my list.
I am thankful for your laugh and smile.
Your mischevious wit.
I am thankful for the silly games that we played
when you were still so young.
I'm thankful for all the times we laughed
and for the times we had such fun.
I'm thankful that I was blessed,
and got to be your mama.
I'm even thankful for all the times
that were filled with heartache and drama.
I'm thankful for those 20 years,
and now that we're apart.
I'm thankful that I carry you,
forever in my heart.


~Kim Lasater 11/26/2009~

MAMA July 14, 2009
Did You Know?
Did you know I loved you,
Every day of your life?

Did you know I miss you?
The pain cuts like a knife.

Did you know I still see you?
I search for you in a crowd.

Did you know I still cherish you?
I try not to cry too loud.

Did you know I still love you?
Your leaving did not change that.

Did you know I miss you?
And I still want you back!

~~Kim Lasater July 12, 2009
Mama July 1, 2009
A Year

It's been a year since I've seen your face,

Heard your voice, felt your embrace.

It's been a year since I've heard you say,

"I love you" or "I'll do it my way."

It's been a year since I've heard your laugh

I'd give anything just to hear that.

It's been a year, since you went away.

So why does it still hurt like it happened today?

~~Kim Lasater July 1, 2009 (c)

Mama March 20, 2009
You Didn't Say Goodbye
Why did you have to leave?
You didn't say goodbye.
Why couldn't I protect you?
Why did you have to die?

As you slipped from this world,
Did you feel any pain?
Did you feel that you were fading?
Did you call my name?

When they left you
In the dark, alone
Did you cry out,
"Mama come and take me home?"

Did you wish for one more hug
Before you had to leave?
I'd give anything for one,
I can barely breathe.

I miss you more each passing day,
When will I awake
To find you laughing, standing there
This just a big mistake?

The grief comes pouring over me,
Each second of each day.
I do what I have to do,
but the tears stay in my way.

I want so much to see you,
To have you here to hold.
You didn't even say goodbye,
Why did you have to go?

Kim Lasater~~2008 (C)
In loving memory of my beautiful girl.
Mama March 20, 2009
I Used To

I used to love this time of year,
The carols being sung.
The tree all decorated,
All the stockings hung.

I used to love this time of year,
Hot cocoa in a mug,
Watching Christmas specials
All cuddled nice and snug.

I used to love this time of year,
The gift wrap on the floor.
Happy children laughing,
A wreath hung on the door.

I used to love this time of year,
But since you went away,
My life has changed forever,
And I don't love it anymore.

~~Kim Lasater 12/02/2008~~
Mama March 20, 2009
Tell Me Why
I'm not who I used to be, a little of me died.
On July 1, 2008 when my baby lost her life.
A heartless man, who cared about no one but himself,
Left my little girl alone, hidden without help.
Why didn't you just help her? I'll never understand.
How could you just abandon her? Explain it if you can.
Explain how you could carry her, and leave her all alone,
Instead of just helping her, so she could still come home.
Tell me how you took her dog, her Lady, Noodle Girl.
You dumped her far away from her, that dog was Kaylin's world.
Tell me how you drove away, not caring what you'd done.
Your actions took my child from me, and I am all undone.
I have died a thousand deaths, I'll die a thousand more,
Knowing that my baby girl will never walk through my door.
Tell me how you left her there, to die all alone.
Tell me so I can understand why my baby won't come home.

Kim Lasater (C) 11/12/2008

Mama March 20, 2009
Frozen in Time
My child is gone,
My heart has stopped.
I can't go on,
Please stop the clock.

Please turn it back,
Oh please for me,
Until once again

My child I see.

I long once more,
To touch her face,
To hear her laugh,
Feel her embrace.

Now my life
Is full of grief,
I cry each day
There's no relief.

My child is gone
My heart has stopped
I can't go on
My child is gone.

Kim Lasater (C) 11/12/2008

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